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Scattered Chamber Chairs

In the early 1970s, as part of a Capitol-wide renovation and redecoration, the original DD Swivel Chairs designed for the House of Representatives Chamber were replaced.

House members were allowed to purchase their chairs from the State. Some brought their chairs home, where they’ve remained for decades. Others donated theirs to county historical societies. The Cass Gilbert Society’s furnishings project located seven DD Swivel Chairs in places as far-flung as Worthington, Minnesota and Parker, Colorado, while a few have popped up locally in St. Paul.

One was sold by a former legislator during an estate sale at his Edina home. A current Capitol employee purchased the chair for $300, thrilled to take home a piece of Capitol history.

The daughter of a former legislator recalls her dad telling stories about how some legislators got a bit too comfortable at work, reclined too far back, and landed on the floor, “followed by laughter in the chamber.” Today’s legislators are spared from such embarrassment, as the replacement swivel chairs were designed with five feet instead of four. Otherwise, the chairs are identical to the originals.


DD Swivel Chair

  • Attention To Detail: p8
  • Made by Marble & Shattuck Chair Company
  • Size (cm): width 62, height 96, depth 50
  • Designed by Cass Gilbert for the Senate and House Chambers and the Supreme Court Consultation Room


  • 1905 order: 191
  • 1989 total: 80
  • 2017 found outside of Capitol: 7 at various locations


(1) Clearwater County Historical Society, Shelvin, MN

(1) Nobles County Historical Society, Worthington, MN

(1) Edina, MN

(1) White Bear Lake, MN

(1) Crosslake, MN MN.

(1) Parker, CO

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